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Before The Reading


Tonight after work, I’m heading out to Fort Mason to do a poetry feature. I’ll write about it tomorrow, but you can peep poems and info for myself and the night’s co-feature, Lorene Zarou Zouzounis here.

The above also counts as the first time I had a poem published with typos. I’ve struggled a long time to get Bandon Beach to sound ‘right’. I think I did a good edit, only to have them mistype it. Oh, the laughter in heaven right now.

I like reading for that series and I’m ready. Even as my writing has been scattershot this year, I still have a handful of poems I’ve never read publicly. Over the last few days, I pulled the new ones together, read over them and did some rewrites. But I haven’t worked on my set as hard as I have years before. More on this tomorrow, though. I’ve been writing all morning, so I’m in desperate need of sunlight and food right about now…

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