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My First Book Now Available In Audiobook

The second edition of my first collection, Black Steel Magnolias In The Hour of Chaos Theory (Nomadic Press) is now available as an audiobook.

With thanks to the publisher, Wow! That happened. Folks have been at me for years to record an audiobook or get recordings of my readings. In September, the second edition of the book will be re-mixed and have an audio version.


The sessions happened in the weeks leading up to me returning to work in San Francisco. In the last days of my 15 month weekend, I went with the publisher and talked back through the book a page a time over a tiny wooden table. I’d been here before. Recording audio breaks at my college tv station. Once, I volunteered to read a book for visually impaired students and recorded a chapter on my bedroom floor. The boyfriend of the student picked up the tape from my house, him standing on the porch in full biker leather gear, my mom tentatively calling– “Uh, James…”

More news and a longer check in is coming. I’m here and should be writing, I just feel as dry as the entirety of California right now. Things have been good; my first in person reading happened last week at City Lights bookstore in San Francisco. And if you see this in time, my second in person reading happens next week at Yerba Buena Gardens in San Francisco with an incredible line up of, well, all stars.

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