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Friday the 13th Part 18: Jason Goes To Home Depot

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Friday the 13th Part 18 Jason Goes To Home Depot

Jason fingers the new gas-powered chainsaws & the Chinese steel hacksaws like new pornography. He recalls how easy petals of flesh would open, pollenating the air with blood. A young man timidly approaches him, asks May i help you and Jason turns, and quietly notices a silver cross on the boys shirt. “Its for my brother.” The boy acknowledges the stare. “He was murdered seven years ago.” And Jason gazes into the boys eyes like a seer. Jason thinks: I knew your brother! We spent time together at the lake! …I remember those soft green eyes. The way they’d swell with surprise at his body being penetrated with a machete. I was the last to hold his head in these hands. Sometimes I can still hear his screams, remember the way his hair, slick with sweat, felt in my fingers. “I’m just looking around,” Jason says. “My wife won’t let me buy another power tool.”

The boy nods, says: “Let me know if you have any questions.” And Jason can’t think of any. –j cagney 2013 *** I wrote a series of poems all fake sequels to the Friday the 13th movies. In my series, Jason figures he’d marry the last girl who got away… and he does. And she likes his shyness, and he takes speech therapy out of love.

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