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A Prayer

It is often necessary for me to write a prayer. I’ve done it a few times over the years while I was drowning in life. This one was composed after visiting a website with hundreds of positive affirmations. I scanned over them and assembled one. Its never occurred to share any nor have I ever tried to publish them. Because who…? But cleaning up and filing away old notebooks, I decided to share this.

{God is the Shepherd of my restless mind}

God is the shepherd of my restless mind

He heals, feeds and comforts me

baptizing my darkness with everlasting light

The healing power of divinity

radiates peace, love and compassion

through me now and forever

I stand faithfully grounded in the sacred light

of love and draw unlimited abundance.

I am a drop of God in a sea of God

I am and all is well.

Anointed love is working through me now

I am receptive to the messages of the universe

Everything I seek is actively seeking me

Everyday and in every way, love and its

infinite possibilities are expanding in unlimited

divine order before me and through me now.

I smash and demolish every untrue and negative

record in my subconscious mind

I ask Christ consciousness to bless and clean my spirit

my mental recordings and guide me forward in love

Thy will be done

God is so good

Life is so wonderful

and I am so richly blessed

I now move forward into my expanded goodwill and grace

divinely directed and lavishly decorated to benefit all

I grow along with God’s favor,

I flow along with God’s favor

In God’s right action, I place my full trust

I am a drop of God in a sea of God

I am and all is well. Thy will be done.

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